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School Discipline: The Rights of Students With IEPs and 504 Plans

By Andrew M.I. Lee, J.D.

Some kids have learning and attention issues that cause them to misbehave. If they have an IEP or a 504 plan, what happens if they break a school rule? Can they be disciplined? And if so, how?


Strengths-Based IEPs


Imagine an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that focuses as much on your child’s strengths as it does on your child’s weaknesses. Unfortunately, that’s not the norm for most students yet.

In a typical IEP meeting, not much time is given to looking at a child’s strengths. Strengths are covered at the beginning of the meeting, and the rest of the time is focused on deficits.


Does Your Student Need a 1 to 1 Aide?

How to Request a One-to-One Paraprofessional for Your Child
by Wayne Steedman, Esq.

Does the child need one individual who is assigned to work with the child during the entire day? Can the child be successful if several individuals rotate during the day?

Preschool kid raise arm up to answer teacher question on whiteboard in classroom,Kindergarten education concept

Maryland’s Nonpublic Schools

A nonpublic school is the appropriate choice for many Maryland students who are unable to have their needs met in the public schools.

These schools, which are members of the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF), serve students ages 2 to 21


New Special Education Parent Liaison for HCPSS

In her new role as special education parent liaison for the Howard County Public School System, Trish Gunshore spends her time talking with parents as well as collaborating with the county’s special educators. The parent liaison position was created in November 2017 by then-Interim Superintendent Michael J. Martirano.