Back-to-School Resources


What can parents do to help smooth their student’s transition from summer vacation to school days? Check out our tips on everything from how to plan a school visit and introduce your student to a new teacher to managing IEP paperwork and communication between home and school.

Back-to-School Preparation Tips
Tip #1 Review all the information | Tip #2 Visit school with your child | Tip #3 set up your house for school | Tip #4 Contact your teachers and school personnel | Tip #5 Keep a positive attitude

Download: Back-to-School Introduction Letters
Use the letter to share important facts about your child and strategies that have worked in the past. Highlight any accommodations your child may use.

Starting a New IEP Advocacy Year: Back-to-School Tips
Back to school supplies for parents | To-Do Lists

Back-to-School: Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs
Organize all that paperwork | Start a communication log | Review your child’s IEP | Relieve back-to-school jitters | Keep everyone informed | Establish before- and after-school routines | Stay up to date on special education news | Attend school events

Middle School–Tips for the Transition
There are many steps – some great and some small – a parent can take to help a child succeed during that first year in middle school.