Autism Resources


Finding Resources: For Newly Diagnosed Families

Welcome to our community of families living with autism in Howard County. The Howard County Autism Society (HCAS) provides support, fellowship, and resources.

As you learn more about your child’s diagnosis, here are a few resources to help you navigate the system. We know it can be overwhelming at first, but remember we are here to help.


As More With Autism Near Adulthood, Clues To Success Emerge

May 14, 2015

What’s the biggest predictor of success for individuals with autism in adulthood? Researchers say it might not be what you’d expect.

The ability to do everyday, self-care activities like bathing, cleaning and cooking trumped other factors like symptom severity and intellectual functioning,


Psychiatrists Unveil Plain English Guide to DSM

By Lisa Gillespie, Kaiser Health News
May 5, 2015

As mental health professionals, policymakers and advocates focus on taking steps to mend the fragmented mental health care system, the role of patients and their friends and families is sometimes overlooked.


Promoting Inclusion Through Education

A mother shares tips on how to ensure that a child with autism is fully included in school and community life. It takes time, energy, and hard work. But, as she also notes, the payoff is worthwhile.

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Do Autistic Kids Fare Better in Integrated or Specialized Schools?

The federal law that governs special education lays out the goals pretty clearly: Students are entitled to an appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.


Parent’s Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis

A Parent’s Guide to to Applied Behavior Analysis is an informational is designed to provide you with a better understanding of ABA, how your child can benefit, and where/how you can seek ABA services.


Autism Insurance in Maryland

Autism Treatment Covered Under Maryland’s Habilitative Services Mandate


Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Results from the High Risk Baby Siblings Research Consortium

Younger siblings of children with and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are at increased risk for developing ASD


Which Autism Interventions Work Best?

A new federally-funded review of thousands of studies finds that there are more than two dozen autism interventions worthy of being called “evidence-based.”


Autism Connect

An online resource to assist parents and educators in locating resources for individuals with autism. The Autism Connect website provides parents and educators with an online resource to help in locating and securing resources and services for individuals with autism. The website focuses specifically on research, educational resources, and advocacy organizations available to families in Maryland.