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HCPSS Collaborative Funding Program

For Children with Autism or a Related Disorder–Birth through Kindergarten ONLY

Children who receive services through the HCPSS Infants and Toddlers program or a Regional Early Childhood Center with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or a related disorder may be eligible for collaborative funding. The reimbursement is for supplemental in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

Student and teacher reading

Paraprofessionals: Who They Are and What They Do

By Ginny Osewalt

Paraprofessional is the fancy word to describe a host of people who surround and help your child every day at school. They are sometimes called classroom assistants, instructional aides, teacher assistants, and paraeducators.


Important Contacts in Special Education

Navigating the resources within one’s school can be a challenge. But did you know there is an entire stable of educators outside of the building able to assist you?

The Office of Special Education, commonly referred to as the “central office,” consists of instructional facilitators, resource teachers, program specialists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, assistive technology specialists, school psychologists, reading specialists, and behavior specialists.


Members of the IEP TEAM

Whether it’s your first IEP meeting, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’ve all been at the IEP table, looked around the room and wondered: who are all these people, and why are they at this IEP meeting?


Regional Early Childhood Centers Locations and Programs

Howard County Public Schools offer a continuum of services for eligible children birth through five years of age who have developmental delays and/or autism or related disorders. The continuum provides for a range of services and methodologies. The frequency and intensity of services may be adjusted at any time based on the child’s needs.


Resource Teachers: School by School Assignments

Each Howard County public school is assigned an instructional facilitator and a resource teacher to assist the special education team within the building. Parents are encouraged to know who to call for additional assistance from the Office of Special Education (or “central office”).  See the 2019-2020 list of HCPSS Special Education Instructional Facilitator/Resource Teacher Assignments.


HCPSS Behavior Specialists

Each Howard County public school is assigned a behavior specialist. In order to access the behavior specialist, the special education team leader (or instructional team leader) at your school should contact the school’s assigned instructional facilitator at the Department of Special Education to arrange for a consult. Parents are encouraged to discuss behavioral issues and consults with school-based staff


HCPSS Transition Planning Timeline, Checklist, and Work Study Coordinators

Formal post-secondary goals are set during the year a student reaches the age of 14. At each annual IEP meeting, the team discusses the student’s post secondary goals.