Extended School Year Services Manual


Produced by the Maryland Disability Law Center

“Advocating for ESY services for a student is similar to advocating for a regular school year IEP for a student. The program must be individualized to meet the student’s needs and it must be provided at no cost to the family. The salient question to be answered, however, is a little different. In developing an IEP, the team must design a program of services that are intended to enable the student to make meaningful educational progress. In addressing a student’s need for ESY services, the team must first determine, by looking at multiple factors, if services beyond the regular school year are necessary for the student to continue to make progress during the school year. If so, the team must then design an ESY IEP to accomplish that purpose. While strenuous advocacy efforts may be necessary, it is possible to design creative, individualized ESY programs for students with disabilities.”

Extended School Year Services Manual, Maryland Disability Law Center

Topics Include:
Federal Law and Policies
General Eligibility Criteria for ESY Services
Building a Case for Extended School Year Services
Due Process Challenges to Denial of ESY Services
Practical Issues