HCPSS Collaborative Funding Program


For Children with Autism or a Related Disorder–Birth through Kindergarten ONLY

Children who receive services through the HCPSS Infants and Toddlers program or a Regional Early Childhood Center with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or a related disorder may be eligible for collaborative funding. The reimbursement is for supplemental in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. This therapy is offered outside the IFSP/IEP process to promote consistency between home and school-based services. Its purpose is to intensify the child’s educational program beyond the services recommended by the IFSP/IEP team and to minimize the potential need for more restrictive services.

Please refer to the Collaborative Funding Agreement Instructions for more information. The Howard County Autism Society keeps a list of HCPSS-approved ABA agencies and ABA consultants.

Submit the Application for Collaborative Funding to Candice M. Shin, Autism Specialist, HCPSS Office of Early Intervention, 8930 Stanford Blvd, Suite 201, Columbia, MD 21045. For additional information, please contact Candice M. Shin at 410.313.7017 or Candice_Shin@hcpss.org.