HCPSS Transition Planning Timeline, Checklist, and Work Study Coordinators


Formal post-secondary goals are set during the year a student reaches the age of 14. At each annual IEP meeting, the team discusses the student’s post secondary goals. Additionally, the school’s instructional team leader (ITL) will distribute to parents:

MSDE Transition Planning Guide
HCPSS Planning Timeline

Every Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) high school has a transition resource/work study coordinator who will coordinate referrals, when appropriate. Referral documents are available in the student’s transition folder. The transition resource/work study coordinator will share information about services and funding sources that, if eligible, families may access. Each funding source has its own criteria for determining eligibility. These sources are, but are not limited to, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration), and DORS (Division of Rehabilitation Services).

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HCPSS Transition Resource/Work Study Coordinator List by School

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