Strategies to Handle Anxiety with Your Child During the Summer


Do you see an increase in anxiety during the summer? Are you exhausted from trying to convince him or her that everyday tasks are not the enemy? If you’re tired of battling anxiety? Read on.

Studies show that nearly 40 percent of children and adolescents with autism have clinically elevated levels of anxiety, or at least one anxiety disorder. It’s no wonder, then, that the dramatic changes in routine, weather, and predictability that come with the summer season increase the stress and anxiety of our kids on the Spectrum. Although current research has not yet determined whether anxiety is a symptom of autism or a comorbid disorder, we do know it increases functional impairment.

Although there is no easy season for families of kids with autism, summer can be particularly challenging. The supports and team of professionals typically surrounding the child throughout the school year dwindle over summer break. The parent is forced to become not only the primary caregiver, but also the teacher, therapist, playmate, and more.

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