How to Make Your Next IEP Start off on the Right Foot

meeting room

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You are getting ready for an IEP meeting. You want it to be a positive IEP, but you aren’t sure what to expect. Maybe it’s your first IEP meeting ever. Maybe you are a veteran (of the IEP “wars”), but it’s the start of a new year. You walk into the IEP and are greeted by a table full of people. They are trying to make themselves look like a small group. But by the time you add in the teacher, the LEA, the principal (if that isn’t the LEA), the SLP, the OT….you get the drift. You are a Mom, or a Dad, or both. Maybe you brought and advocate or a friend. Before you get to the introductions, you probably feel outgunned and overwhelmed. After the introductions, they start telling you about YOUR child.

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