Maryland Waiver Programs


What is a waiver program?

A special Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid) program in which the federal Centers on Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) allows states to waive or bend the usual rules to allow Medicaid and other services to be delivered to people with different needs, in the community, or different income levels.

What are the eight waiver programs in Maryland?

Autism Waiver (AW)
Brain Injury Waiver (BIW)
Family Supports Waiver (FSW)
Community Supports Waiver (CSW)
Community Pathways Waiver (CPW)
Community Options Waiver (COW)
Medical Day Care Waiver (MDCW)
Model Waiver (MW)

Learn which waiver is right for your family and how to enroll. Pathfinders for Autism.